David Hall

was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1981 into a Pentecostal family. He has lived in Melbourne, Geelong, Perth, Bendigo and Adelaide where he currently resides. He is the son of Pastor Tim Hall, who is one of Australia’s best known evangelists.

On July 4, 2009 He married Donna. Together they pastor Lifepoint Church, a fast growing and dynamic church. In addition to pastoring a local church, David is in great demand as a guest speaker and regularly ministers at churches, youth conferences, revival meetings, young adult’s events, camps and high school ministries. He has a unique ability to connect with crowds of any size and culture and is a blessing everywhere he goes.  Donna is an anointed teacher and communicator also and speaks regularly at Lifepoint Church and in various other churches.

He has ministered across Australia, South Africa, USA, Europe, Asia, South America and the South Pacific Islands. David and Donna’s passion to lead people into God’s presence and communicate God’s word in a relevant and faith-building way accompanied by the moving of the Holy Spirit has impacted thousands across the world.

He is hilarious, a lot of fun and God always moves. He will be a blessing to you.

David & Donna Hall are accountable to the Lifepoint Church Eldership & Board and the Assemblies of God in South Australia. Their Pastor is Pastor Andrew Evans and he provides wisdom, mentorship and pastoral support to Dave and Donna and Lifepoint Church. David is ordained with the Australian Christian Churches/Assemblies of God and serves as a member of their State Executive Presbytery.

David and Donna are the proud parents of two wonderful boys, James and Samuel.


David Hall is passionate about seeing people connect with the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. He’s a faith building and hilarious preacher who travels the world speaking at churches and conferences. His teaching stirs expectation in people for healing, breakthrough and an encounter with God. He and his wife Donna are the senior pastors of Lifepoint Church, Adelaide.

David moves in the power of the Holy Spirit and regularly sees people healed, filled with God’s presence, empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve God with a fresh passion and people finding Jesus.

David and Donna have two sons, James and Samuel.